i wish for you the health and the zest for wisdom to become greater. 


Core Mission Value(CMV): to encourage life long learning by answering some of life tough questions, and at the same time, making it affordable, learnable and understandable for majority of the people using simple english. 

Purpose: inspire others for improvement in their lives, get people to walk out of the darkness, into the light. There are other methods of learning and learning must not stop just because we have graduated from school.

I had these question, why are there successful people and unsuccessful people? what is the deviding factor which seperates people from greatness and normal, successful and unsuccessful? 

Why some may be disabled be happy yet many people whom are healthy are not. why? wouldn't we all want to be happy?

Ever wondered  why some people made you feel so comfortable, so attracted to dispite their little formal education where else some, with high level of education just seem a turn off and feel uncomfortable being with them? why is that so? isn't the highly educated people make us feel more attracted to due to their vask knowledge but yet it seems the other way round. 

So the journey begins asking people, teachers, lecturers and others whom i assume they had the answer, given their age and intellect, but a matter of fact they don't. Majority of the people will give excuse and say those people are lucky and stuff but the fact is they cant explain and resulted in the word luck. Truth is, we can create or make that luck, most successful people probably tell you either there is no such thing as luck. So question, how to make that luck? some of the very profound question which lead me to diving to know more. 

Those question within, spurred me to find what is the fine line that seperate people from being mediocre. By resolving some of these questions, i learn, grow and changed myself in the process.

The best way i can contribute is to share with you, the mistakes i made and what i have learnt
so that you can save the time and the cost.
It is my personal believe that we should learn and strive to become better human beings, by being better than what we were on the previously and always be at the front lines of improvement for our own and others around us. 

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